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Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs - 3 guys one hammer
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Killing for Kicks: Teenagers confess to 21 murders Small | Large

This is a real snuff video, recorded by Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs a group of your Ukrainian teen boys who filmed themselves murdering a guy with a hammer and a screwdriver.
This is a horrific, real snuff video, likely the most graphic and violent video on the net. Be warned, the video, which became known as 3 Guys, 1 Hammer is upsetting.

The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs (aka 3 Guys 1 Hammer) was a group of three 19 year old boys. Within a span of one month, the teens brutally murdered 21 people. They started off torturing and killing cats and later moved onto killing people. Their first victim was murdered by beating with metal rods, but since it took him a while to die, they'd used hammers to finish him off.
Hammer must have seemed like a decent tool for killing as they'd continue with their killing spree using hammers as primary object with which to kill. They would video tape their murders on a cell phone camera and would attend the funerals of the people they'd killed.

One of three teens later on quit but the other two continued with murders. The police eventually tracked Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs down and detained the teens, which brought immense relief to the people of Dnepropetrovsk and the rest of Ukraine who watched with terror as there was one brutally murdered victim after another.
The computer that was seized by the police contained videos of 21 murders and over 300 photographs, including images from funerals as the boys would capture themselves flipping off the graves of their victims.

The police did not reveal how they caught Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs but investigation on motives uncovered brutal truth  the teens were killing as a hobby.
They were murdering people to have a collection of memories when they get old. Each of the boys, who were classmates and come from wealthy families admitted that they were killing just for fun. They were picking their victims at random  mostly people who looked like they would not fight back.

The names of Dnepropetrovsk killers are:

Igor Suprunyuck
Viktor Sayenko
Alexander Hanzha

English translation of what the killers are saying:

    Hold on, hold on. Be neater, fuck! likely saying that to watch out for the blood.
    Hold on, hold on, hold on, don't hit him, don't hit him. Watch him the rest of the sentence is indistinct,
    but he's likely telling the guy to watch for the blood as he's zooming in to capture the close up
    The following audio is unclear.
    [After the screwdriver stabbing]
    What? With what? as the cameraman responds to the boy who stabs the victim
    What, he's still alive? says the guy stabbing the victim
    He's still moving his arms after I ripped up his intestines the cameraman muffles indistinctly
    He's having a fucked up day says the stabbing guy after he'd stepped on his stomach.
    [More muffled talk as he proceeds to stab him in the eyes with the screwdriver]
    Get over here fast. Kill him already.
    What? says the stabber
    Kill him already.
    I already put the hammer back. He's already dead.'
    I poked out his eyes and he's still not dead says the cameraman
    Get the knife cameraman continues
    *Proceeds to bludgeon him then interrupts by saying something indistinct*
    More, more cameraman telling the other guy to keep bludgeoning him to make sure he's dead
    Hold on, hold on
    *They start walking back to the car*
    More muffled talk from the blond killer
    Wash your hands cameraman says and tells him to spray cleaning chemical on the hammer
    I'll hold it
    *Muffled talk from the guy washing the hammer*
    *More muffled talk from the guy washing his face and walking back from his car*
    I stuck the screwdriver in his brain says the camera man
    *Muffled talk from the guy washing his hands*
    I got him in the nose from his eye or something along those lines
    I don't understand how he was alive? I felt his brain says the camera man
    I was holding the screw driver like this *muffled/don't understand*
    Before the video ends the blond guy says Alright, let's get a picture

Horrific snuff video recorded by Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs is below, but be warned it's the most gory video you will have ever seen. Don't take this warning lightly!


The first two murders took place late at night on June 25, 2007.
The first victim was a 33-year-old local woman named Ekaterina Ilchenko, who was walking home after having tea at her female friend's apartment.
According to Sayenko's confession, he and Suprunyuck were "out for a walk". Suprunyuck had a hammer.
As Ilchenko walked past, Suprunyuck "spun around" and struck her in the side of the head.
Ilchenko's body was found by her mother at 5 AM.

Within an hour of the first murder, the two men attacked their next victim, Roman Tatarevich.
He was sleeping on a bench a short walk away from the first murder scene. Tatarevich's head was smashed with blunt objects numerous times, rendering him unrecognizable.
The bench he was discovered on was located across the street from the local Public Prosecutor's office.

On July 1, two more victims, Evgeniya Grischenko and Nikolai Serchuk, were found murdered in the nearby town of Novomoskovsk.

On the night of July 6, three more people were murdered in Dnepropetrovsk.
The first was Egor Nechvoloda, a recently discharged army recruit, who was bludgeoned while walking home from a night club.
His mother found the body in the morning by their apartment building on Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street.
Elena Shram, a 28-year-old night guard, was then murdered around the corner on Kosiora Street.
According to Sayenko's taped confession, as Shram walked towards them, Suprunyuck struck her with the hammer he had been hiding under his shirt and struck her several more times after she fell down.
She had been carrying a bag filled with clothes. The men picked up the bag, used the clothes to clean the hammer, and threw the bag out.
 Later the same night, the men murdered a woman named Valentina Hanzha (no apparent relation to co-defendant Alexander Hanzha), a mother of three married to a disabled husband.

The next day, July 7, two 14-year-old boys from Podgorodnoye, a nearby village, were attacked in the broad daylight as they went fishing.
One of the two friends, Andrei Sidyuck, was killed, but the other, Vadim Lyakhov, managed to escape.

On July 12, a 48-year-old man named Sergei Yatzenko, disabled by a recent bout with cancer, went missing while riding his Dnepr motorcycle.
His body was found four days later, with signs of a savage attack clearly visible even after four days in the summer heat.

Thirteen more murders followed, often with multiple bodies found in the same day.
In addition to the earlier sprees, two victims were found every day from July 14 through 16. Victims were seemingly selected at random.
Many were vulnerable to attack, including women, children, elderly, vagrants, or people under the influence of alcohol.

Most of the victims were killed using blunt objects, including hammers and steel construction bars.
Blows were often directed at the victims' faces, leaving them unrecognizable. Many victims were also mutilated and tortured, and some had their eyes gouged out while they were still alive.
One of the victims was a pregnant woman, whose fetus was cut out of her womb. No sexual assaults on any victims were reported.

Some of the victims were also robbed of their cell phones and other valuables, with their possessions pawned to a large network of second-hand shops in the area.
However, most victims had their possessions intact.
The murders spanned a large geographical area. In addition to the city of Dnepropetrovsk itself, many took place in the outlying areas of the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast.


The prosecution did not establish a specific motive behind the killings.
Local media reported that the killers had a plan to get rich from the murder videos that they recorded although they come from very rich and powerful families.
One of the suspects' girlfriends reported that they were planning to make forty videos of separate murders.

This was corroborated by the suspects' former classmate, who claimed that he often heard Suprunyuck was in contact with an unknown "rich foreign website operator" who ordered forty snuff videos, and would pay a large sum of money once they were made.
Regional security chief Ivan Stupak rejected the claim that the murders had been committed to make Internet snuff videos, saying that no evidence had come to light during the investigation that supported the claim.
Detective Bogdan Vlasenko stated: "We think they were doing it as a hobby, to have a collection of memories when they get old."

Deputy interior minister Nikolay Kupyanskiy commented "For these young men, murder was like entertainment or hunting."

At the trial, it emerged that Suprunyuck had collected newspaper cuttings about the case.
Some of the photographs of the crimes had captions added, including "The weak must die. The strongest will conquer."

So obviously they were just having fun.

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