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Fistula Transplant Piercing
« on: December 09, 2011, 11:04:42 AM »

Fistula Transplant Piercing

Fistula transplant piercing is a method of piercing otherwise unviable areas by literally transplanting a healed skin tube into place.
This is usually created by taking a stretched piercing (areas like the foreskin provide an easy source of tissue) and cutting off a length of it.
This is then inverted so the healed skin is on the inside, and inserted into a scalpelled piercing, thereby creating a piercing that instantly has a healed fistula.

A section of tissue surrounding a stretched foreskin piercing is selected for transplantation.

After it is cut off, this tissue is turned inside out, exposing the raw flesh, and forming a tunnel that's lined with healed exterior skin.

A new home for this piercing is scalpelled into place.

The tube is inserted and sutured into place.