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My Sex Robot - Documentary 2010 *
« on: December 12, 2011, 06:58:52 PM »

Attraction is a personal preference. Some of us are drawn to red hair, some to big noses, while others can't get enough of a gap-toothed smile. Then are the more unusual attractions. Some people are attracted to robots. They don't just like robots – they love robots. They want to make love to robots. And some people want to help them.

My Sex Robot follows three robot fetishists in their quest to find a futuristic lover, and the engineers who believe they could make their dreams come true.

Robot fetishists are a little understood subculture, but in this film they talk openly about their desire for a mechanical lover:
for one who'll give sex on demand, never answers back, and doesn't expect a cuddle.

There are a few giggle-behind-your-hand-moments but once you're past the playground desire to point and laugh at anyone a bit different, it's engrossing stuff.

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