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Public Hangings in Iran
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"The Islamic regime is known for using false labels in order to try to justify the systematic liquidation of those of its opponents who retaliate against its brutal rule."

Nasty Shit...

Hanging of five alleged homosexuals in Iran

Hanging of Three Kurds in Iran

Three men hanged

Hanging of two men and a woman in public in Iran

back story for this:

An Iranian woman who killed her husband and paid two men to murder three of her in-laws has been hanged along with her two accomplices at an execution watched by thousands of people, an Iranian newspaper reports.
The woman, identified only as Houriyeh, 29, and the two men, Farhad and Reza, were sentenced to death for the murders three months ago in north-western Iran, the Tehran-e Emrouz daily said.
The trio were hanged.
Hanging is the most common form of execution in Iran but women are rarely executed in public.
The newspaper published a picture of Houriyeh and the men hauled into the air by ropes attached to cranes.
Houriyeh was wearing a head-to-toe black chador.
The newspaper said the woman had strangled her husband while he slept.
The same night, her two male accomplices strangled her husband's parents and stabbed his brother to death, it said.
"She (Houriyeh) had serious problems with her husband and hated his family. She hired Farhad and Reza to kill her brother-in-law and his parents," an unnamed judiciary official told the paper.
The case attracted great public interest and about 5,000 people, including judiciary and police officials, gathered to watch the hangings.
Murder, rape, adultery, armed robbery, apostasy and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Iran's Islamic Sharia law, imposed since the 1979 Islamic revolution.