Author Topic: 60-year-old furiously biting 28-year-old teacher over a seat in Guangzhou Metro  (Read 1795 times)

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May 2012 on Guangzhou's Subway Line 4 around Chepi South Station, a man identified as "70-some years old" and another man who is "20-some years old" began fighting over a seat. None of the people would stop arguing for the seat although there were other vacant seats on the same wagon.

It is kinda clear that the young one is the one bleeding since the older guy appears to resort into cannibalism against the "pinned-on-seat" youngster who seems to just try to avoid the older cannibal.

At one point, the old man has the young man pushed against the seat and appears to bite him. When he looks up, his face is filled with blood, then the youngster tries to escape, they both are on the ground and the old man keeps just fighting the young one.

"The old fucker is just reliving the glory days of Mao's China when cannibalism was rather common due to starvation."

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