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Boy With The Hobbit Feet Xiao Meng
« on: November 29, 2012, 12:47:29 AM »

Xiao Meng, 14, from Guangxi Zhuang who has suffered from a lesion in his feet since he was born along with the discomfort of his toes growing larger each passing year, finally has hope.

While his family is unable to afford the cost of medical treatment to correct his condition, the boys teacher and media outlets in China  have begun to help him and his family find a cure to his odd disability.

According to Daily Mail, the 14-year-old will have his feet treated at Shanghai Children’s Hospital, China where they have pledged to give him free care, following a campaign launched by his school teachers and supported by the Chinese media.

The school the Meng attends has collected thousands for his treatment and living expenses while he is being cared for in Shanghai.

Guangxi Branch of China Southern Airlines has provided free tickets for the boy and his family to travel to Shanghai as the journey to a new life begins.