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Old Helmets n Armor
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The Morosini Helmet" (Visored burgonet) Probably Italy (Milan), ~1550-60.

This helmet was made in Innsbruck between 1511-1514 by the master armourer Konrad Seusenhofer, and is all that survives of an armour presented by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I to King Henry VIII of England.

Helmet in the form of sea conch shell. Japan, 1618

Burgonet Circa 1532–35
Made by Filippo Negroli, Milan, Italy

Griffin-shaped Helmet Steel embossed and partly gilt and silvered italy (Milan or Brescia) about 1550 CE

Cabasset depiciting Roman Soldier Marcus Curtius leaping into a fiery abyss steel embosseed and damascened with gold and silver Italian Milan 1575 CE

Burgonet with Falling Buffe Steel blued and gilt French about 1550 probably made for Henry II of France

Moustached Helmet

Parade Helmet of Emperor Charles V, 1533

Helmets by the 16th century masters brothers Negroli.

This burgonet, created most probably in a Venetian workshop in the late 1550s

Ceremonial Bronze Helmet Greek made in South italy 350-300

Vienna, of 1529, by Hans Seusenhofer of Innsbruck, Austria, for King Ferdinand I (1503-1564).
Wolf Faced Visor

Close Helmet with Visor Steel, Germany (Augsburg - attributed to Kolman Helmschmid), ~1515

This 'helmet' was dredged from the River Thames at Waterloo Bridge in the early 1860s. It is the only Iron Age helmet to have ever been found in southern England, and it is the only Iron Age helmet with horns ever to have been found anywhere in Europe.

Rooster helmet. Germany (Augsburg), ~1530.

This helmet is the earliest surviving example of Renaissance armor all'antica (in the antique style). The helmet represents the head of the Nemean Lion, whose pelt was worn as a headdress and cloak by the mythological hero Hercules. Italy Date1470–1480

Pauldron for the Right Shoulder of armor probably made for the Duke of Urbino or his son Italy Italy 1530-1535 Negroli embossed and gilt

This damascened armour was made either in Italy or France about 1545-50.
It is covered in fine gold work and embossed all over with lions heads.

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Re: Old Helmets n Armor
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Golden Roman Helmet, found near the remains of Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia).
Probably from around 14BC - 1st Century AD

Bronze Messapian Greek sea monster helmet 375 - 325 BC

Apulo-Corinthian bronze helmet. Greece 500 BC

Corinthian type bronze helmet, from Olympia, Greece 460 BC

Murmillo Gladiator Helmet Pompeji 1st century AD

Viking Helmet from Gjermundbu, Norway ca. 970 AD

Anglo-Saxon helmet around 624

Iron helmet from a vendel era (550-793 AD) boat grave in Vendel, Uppland, Sweden

Tournament helm of Sir Giles Capel. England ca.1510

Charles V, early 1600s

Kolman Helmschmied 1536

Kolman Helmschmied 1532

Filippo and Francesco Negroli 1545

Negroli 1539

Desiderius Helmschmid, German, 1513–1579

Mediolan, ca. 1545–1550

Phillip II of Habsburg, Royal Armoury, Madrid, c. 1544

Armure du connétable Anne de Montmorency (1493-1567)

Italian 1550 ce

Filippo Negroli  (Italian, Milan, ca. 1510–1579)

Lucio Piccinino, ca. 1590

dacian silver helmet romania 400 BC

Persian helmet cs. 1600s

4th century AD, gilded silver, de Peel (province of Noord-Brabant)

King of France in 1555

Duke of Austria, in 1400

Greek Bronze winged helmet, circa 4th century BCE

Maximilian plate harness. 16th century

Tower of London

1546  Bartolomeo Campi by Filippo Negroli of Milan for Duke of Urbino
ended in the hands of the Emperor, Charles the First.

Full plate armour for man and horse owned by Sigismund II Augustus (r. 1548–1569)

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Re: Old Helmets n Armor
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Peffenhauzer Anton (1525-1603).
Southern Germany (Augsburg) and Italy

Holland 1610

Germany 1550-60

This armour was made for Henry VIII to wear to compete in the foot combat at the Field of Cloth of Gold tournament in 1520.

Wolfgang Grossschedel (ment. 1517-1562), Landshut Battle armour of the Rosenblatt-suit, Emperor Maximilian II, 1571

Italy (Milan) 1570

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Re: Old Helmets n Armor
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