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Daniel V. Jones Suicide on Live TV
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Daniel Victor Jones was a former maintenance worker at a hotel in Long Beach, California, who is infamous for committing suicide in the middle of a busy Los Angeles transition loop between the Harbor and Century Freeways on live television on April 30, 1998.

Prior to leading the LAPD on the high speed chase, Daniel Jones made a 911 call in which he told the Highway Patrol that he was in pain due to mistreatment by the HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) in whose care he had been placed. As was confirmed later, aside from being HIV positive, Daniel Jones also suffered from cancer.

Daniel Jones had a golden retriever with him in the truck. After stopping top of the interstate, he set the truck on fire with himself and the pooch inside. As the flames engulfed the truck’s cabin, Daniel quickly dashed out, but left the dog inside to burn to death.

As helicopter cameras kept rolling, Daniel was filmed frantically extinguishing his clothing which he must have doused with gasoline while still inside. David then stepped up on the freeway wall, as if with an intent to jump off the overpass, but instead he threw off a bag in which was a videotape containing a statement with details of his symptoms and an announcement that he’s done battling the disease. HMO refused him treatment so he saw himself “a dead man”.

After a standoff lasting close to 50 minutes, during which Los Angeles Police Department had their sharpshooters with David in their sights waiting for a permission to fire, the man pulled a shotgun out of his truck, put the barrel into his mouth, leaned over and pulled the trigger. The whole thing was broadly televised, leading many to harshly criticize Los Angeles TV stations’ practices.

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