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Gladiators of World War II - War Docu series 13pts (2002) *
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Behind the epic struggles of World War II, there were highly disciplined groups of fighting men and women whose achievements can only now be revealed. This series examines the relative strength of each of the world's most deadly units that gave its country's armed forces an extra edge when it came to deciding the outcome of World War II's most pivotal battles. The series also examines, in the light of newly released information and recently discovered rare archive film, some of the feats performed by individuals from these elite fighting forces.

The Waffen-SS
Former members of Hitler's personal bodyguards, the Waffen-SS, reveal why they feel their reputation for brutality was unjustified. The elite of the Third Reich, they were feared throughout Europe during the Second World War and spread terror wherever they went, but now claim to have been unfairly associated with atrocities carried out by other Nazi organizations such as the Gestapo
Gladiators of World War II - Waffen SS [E1_13] Small | Large

Robert Powell narrates the story of Britain's Special Operations Executive, an elite force of undercover heroes established in 1940 to support the Resistance movement in Nazi-occupied Europe and pave the way for an Allied invasion
Gladiators of World War II - SOE [E2_13] Small | Large

Recently declassified documents are used to examine the vital strategic role played in the conflict by the world's land, sea and air forces. The first edition focuses on Britain's SAS, the Special Air Service, initially created as a desert raiding force to weaken Rommel's North African logistics network and hinder aircraft operations
Gladiators of World War II - SAS [E3_13] Small | Large

Desert Rats
Robert Powell narrates the story of the British Armoured Division, better known as the Desert Rats, who fought an epic campaign against Axis forces in Egypt and Libya. The troops crushed the Italian 10th Army and drove Rommel's feared Afrika Korps back to Tunis in 1943, a major turning point in World War Two
Gladiators of World War II - The Desert Rats [E4_13] Small | Large

Free Polish Forces
Polish freedom fighters who escaped to the West and regrouped under the leadership of General Sikorski to fight back against the Nazis. As well as other campaigns, they took part in the battle for Monte Cassino and the defence of Tobruk
Gladiators of World War II - The Free Polish Forces [E5_13] Small | Large

RAF Fighter Command
Robert Powell narrates a tribute to the pilots of RAF Fighter Command, the airborne heroes who defended Allied forces at Dunkirk and staved off Goering's air assault during the Battle of Britain, inspiring Churchill's legendary 'Never in the field of human conflict' speech
Gladiators of World War II - RAF Fighter Command [E6_13] Small | Large

Paras and Commandos
A tribute to the Royal Marine Commandos, the crack fighting force created at Prime Minister Winston Churchill's suggestion to launch surprise attacks on the Nazi war machine in Europe. Their parachute division the Paras is also profiled
Gladiators of World War II - The Paras and Commandos [E7_13} Small | Large

Norwegian Resistance Fighters
A tribute to the heroic resistance fighters of Norway, a country invaded by the Nazis despite its neutrality. Determined to make Hitler pay, many Norwegians volunteered to act as spies for the Allies and helped destroy a hydroelectricity plant where Axis scientists were working on a nuclear bomb
Gladiators of World War II - Norwegian Resistance Fighters [E8/13] (The video's owner prevents external embedding)

The Kamikazis
The feared Japanese kamikaze pilots of World War Two, proud men whose unswerving devotion to duty - even at the cost of their own lives - was rooted in the ancient Bushido code of honour developed by samurai warriors
Gladiators of World War II - The Kamikazes [E9_13] Small | Large

The Royal Navy
How the brave servicemen of the Royal Navy risked their lives to protect merchant ships against Hitler's U-boats and ensure vital Atlantic supply lines remained open
Gladiators of World War II - The Royal Navy [E10_13] Small | Large

The Chindits
The vital strategic role played by the Chindits - a special British-Indian force which operated deep behind enemy lines in North Burma in the conflict against Japan during the Second World War
Gladiators of World War II - The Chindits [E11_13] Small | Large

Free French Forces
The vital strategic role played by the Free French forces, who refused to honour the armistice their country had signed with Germany and joined the British crusade. Last in series
Gladiators of World War II - The Free French Forces [E12_13] Small | Large

The Anzacs
The vital role played by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps - the Anzacs. The troops first gained glory in the conflict by forcing the Italian army to surrender, while fighting alongside the British in Libya
Gladiators of World War II - The Anzacs [E13_13] Small | Large

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