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The Iraq War - BBC Documentary (2013) *
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In this three-part documentary series, those closest to Saddam Hussein, the top US and British politicians, the key generals who played a role in the invasion of the country, and the Iraqis who have since taken control, describe key moments in which they were themselves centrally involved.

Episode 1 - Regime Change

The people at the top of the CIA and Saddam's foreign minister describe just how the US and Britain got it so wrong about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction before the invasion.

Tony Blair recounts how he flew to President Bush's private retreat at Camp David to go head to head with Vice President Dick Cheney. Colin Powell explains how he came to make his disastrous presentation to the United Nations.
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw describes how he - and even President Bush himself - tried to persuade Tony Blair that to join in the invasion was political suicide.

BBC The Iraq War 1 of 3 Regime Change Small | Large

Episode 2 - After the Fall

In After the Fall, part two of this three-part series, key insiders describe the chaotic aftermath of the defeat of Saddam Hussein. Dick Cheney and Colin Powell come to blows over America's role as occupying power. General David Petraeus recalls the disastrous decision to disband the Iraqi army.
The representative of Grand Ayatollah Sistani - Iraq's most senior Shia cleric - tells how Sistani forced the Americans into agreeing to elections in Iraq. One of the greatest challenges came from Muqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi army. America and the new Iraqi government were able to defeat Sadr militarily, but it set the stage for sectarian war.

BBC The Iraq War Part 2 of 3 - After the Fall Small | Large

Episode 3 - It's Hell, Mr President

The last episode in this three-part series brings the Iraq story up to date. Tony Blair and Dick Cheney describe how they responded as horrific sectarian violence overtook Iraq. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw tells how he and Condoleeza Rice compelled Iraq's prime minister to resign. Other key insiders reveal how they selected and supported his replacement.

With an exclusive interview with controversial Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, the programme tells how the war ended and why Iraq today faces the worst sectarian violence in five years.

The Iraq War Episode 3 (12th June 2013) Small | Large

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Re: The Iraq War - BBC Documentary (2013)
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BBC Documentary The Iraq War Small | Large

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