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The Atomic Cafe - DocuDrama (1982)
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One of the defining documentaries of the 20th century, THE ATOMIC CAFE is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes sobering collection of film clips taken from American propaganda films of the 1950s.
The thrust of the production is to expose the misinformation (and downright lies) dispensed by the government concerning the atomic bomb.
We are shown vignettes from such classic instructional films as Duck and Cover, wherein school children are assured that they will survive a nuclear attack simply by huddling together next to the schoolhouse wall. In another sequence, a pack of pigs are dressed in Army uniforms and left to die at "Ground Zero" during a nuclear test to see if human beings (who purportedly have the same skin consistency as pigs) could endure such an ordeal.

The Atomic Cafe Small | Large

The Atomic Cafe Small | Large

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