Author Topic: Frankenau Purse Revolver, ca.1880  (Read 1460 times)

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Frankenau Purse Revolver, ca.1880
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Frankenau was patented in both England and America in 1877, and performed double duty as a change purse and as a 5-shot defensive revolver. Though sights are not included, the typical armed robbery scenario (very short ranges and poor/non-existent light) renders the disadvantage moot, and the innocent appearance of the arm allows it to be brought into play on the pretence of surrendering it to the assailant. The outer case is silver finished brass with black leather side panels, marked "FRANKENAU'S PATENT." along the top, with a conventional spring-loaded pushbutton release on the top right, and a manually operated, flat-laying latch on the left. Pushing the button opens up a shallow but functional storage compartment, while the latch permits access to the main compartment and the revolver, which is marked with London proofs on the cylinder and a "crown/Z" on the rear. Also inside the compartment is a spring loaded retainer for an ejector rod (not included) and a series of holes in the lid near the muzzle and air gap, to permit the venting of gases after firing. The folding trigger is mounted on the underside, and is connected to a hinged muzzle cover on the front; opening one automatically opens the other, increasing the speed that the revolver can be brought into play.