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German War Files - WW2 docu series (2007)
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This War Archive set of exclusive programs brings the most comprehensive collection of the Wehrmacht's mobile fighting armor probably ever compiled as a definitive series. The Panzer and Tiger tanks in their various configurations swept all before them throughout Europe, Russia, and the Middle East in the Blitzkreig campaigns. The series deals with the evolution of each tank, many of which were judged to be the best designed tanks of the war. Each program in the series amply demonstates through the lenses of the German combat cameramen front line action in all theaters of war.

1: Guns Of The Wehrmacht
German War Files - Guns Of The Werhmacht Small | Large

2: Panzer III Medium Tanks
German War Files - Panzer III Medium Tanks Small | Large

3: Tiger Heavy Tank Panzer VI
German War Files - Tiger - Heavy Tank Panzer VI Small | Large

4: Panzer I II Light Tanks
The German War Files Panzer I & II Germany's WWII Light Tanks Small | Large

5: Panzer IV Heavy Tank
German War Files - Panzer IV, Heavy Tank. Small | Large

6: Stugg III, IV Assault Guns
German War Files - Stug III, IV Assault Guns Small | Large

7: Panther The Panzer V
German War Files - Panther, The Panzer V Small | Large

8: Panzer, Germanys ultimate war machine
German War Files - Panzer: Germany's ultimate war machine Small | Large

9: Military Vehicles And Half Tracks
German War Files - Military Vehicles And Half Tracks Small | Large

10: Jet Aircraft, V1, V2
German War Files - Jet Aircraft, V1, V2 Small | Large

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Re: German War Files - WW2 docu series (2007)
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11: Hummel Mobile Heavy Artillary
German War Files - Hummel, Mobile Artillery Small | Large

12: Green Devils (elite paratroopers) 1933-1941
German War Files - Green Devils (elite paratroopers) '33 - '41 Small | Large

13: Green Devils 1942-1945

14: German_Support_Aircraft_and_Gliders

15: German Night Flyers
German War Files - German Night Flyers Small | Large

Fighter Aircraft 1939-1942

Fighter Aircraft 1942-1945

Dive Bombers And Combat_Aircraft
German War Files: Dive Bombers And Combat Aircraft Small | Large


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