Author Topic: Matthias Schoormann and the decapitation of Bianca Brust  (Read 6883 times)

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Matthias Schoormann and the decapitation of Bianca Brust
« on: May 31, 2015, 08:39:38 AM »
Matthias Schoormann (32 years old) from Leer / Northern Germany, an unemployed industry mechanic had a longterm friendship to Bianca Brust (27 years old) who was a nurse in the local hospital.

He fell in love with her but she didn’t return his feelings. On February 20th 2008, under a pretence he invited Bianca to his apartment. It is likely that he tried for a last time to win her affection. But she didn’t and he went postal. He killed her by strangulation. Then he chopped of her dead body’s head. After that he did several photos of the dead body in different positions as to be seen on the photos. Believing police investigations there hasn’t been sexual intercourse although the body was naked.

At about 1:00 AM he signed up to LoD forum where he was registered for some time but never did a posting before. He opened a thread called “dead whore” and posted over 20 images.
The forum owner wrote him a mail asking “who are you”, after that, Schoormann who called himself “I H8 U” deleted all pics. It’s likely that several forum members had saved the images at this point.

After that he wanted to go on a killing spree. He set his apartment on fire and went out of the house to his red Ford Escort, the head of Bianca was in a backpack. He was seen by a attentive neighbour who called the police and fire brigade who pursuited him immediately. When he recognized that there’s no way out he decided to drive straight into an oncoming truck and was killed immediately.

8 days later the forum owner of LoD was contacted by the german police. After some cooperation, it seemed that the images have been completely deleted from the internet, they also disappeared then. About one and a half year later, in June 2009 they have been released again online. It is not known who posted them.

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