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Knights - Documentary series (2015)



This elegant and exciting 3-part series evokes the time of the knights in a unique and intimate rollercoaster ride of individual lives set in the wider context of medieval Europe. Their stories are told in gripping reenactments, illustrated by stunning CGI and explored with engaging documentary sequences.

Men In Iron
A fierce warrior-class emerges in medieval Europe around 1000 years ago: the knights. They live brutal lives, glorified by tales of chivalry and courtly love that have left us with a skewed idea of knighthood. In reality, it’s a world of freezing castles and violent battles, where joust competitions, fair maidens and the crusades are the latest fads. Manners and gallantry are everything and their abuse can end in deadly duels.

Pt.1 - Knights Men In Iron

For Fame and Honour
Gaining honour, respect and glory is all-important to the medieval knight. And embarking on a crusade to the Holy Land in pursuit of the ‘infidels’ is one way of getting it. The story of Heinrich von Neuffen provides unprecedented insights into this largely unknown aspect of the crusades. But beyond the pious motives of the crusades, courtly love also played an important role in the life of a knight. Fighting for a lady’s favour in the joust could elevate him to superstar status. Impressive fighting prowess would be rewarded with admiration and popularity everywhere. Only the glory of fictional superheroes like King Arthur, Percival, Roland or Tristan could surpass that of a successful knight.

Pt.2 - Knights For Fame And Honor

Last of Their Kind
There’s no place in modern times for the dashing life of the knights, the expensive armour, the horses, and the indispensable castle. Many Imperial Knights lose their jobs and fall into poverty by the early 1500s. Peasant revolts, armies of mercenaries, and a new way to fight wars using muskets and canons make the mounted knight in his cumbersome armour a thing of the past.

Pt.3 - Knights Last Of Their Kind


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